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Strata Top by Sew Liberated

April 2024

The Strata Top is a go-to staple for all sewing levels and is an excellent beginner-friendly project.

From the package description:

The Strata is designed to be both a practice of meditation and a canvas for artistic inspiration. It is simple in its construction - only three pattern pieces - easy to fit, and effortless to wear. The uniquely curved hem adds elegance to this staple piece. Keep things uncomplicated with a version in linen, cotton irate, or silk nail - or use the fabric as your canvas. Try using beloved scraps to piece together your own storied fabric, experiment with natural dyes, or add some embroidery. Enjoy both the craft and the art.


We are doing a sew-along in a flexible and free format. Steps and resources will be added below as we move through the project. There is no set class time so you can work entirely on your own at home or come to the downtown shop for help when needed. Here are the steps we will cover:

  1. The Pattern
  2. Take Your Measurements
  3. Fabric
  4. Trace the Pattern
  5. Make a Toile/Muslin
  6. Cut Fabric
  7. Construction/Sewing


    1. The Pattern

    If you already own this pattern then you are all set.

    For the printed pattern stop into the downtown store or order here for shipping or local pickup:  Strata Top Pattern

    Alternatively, the PDF digital version can be purchased directly from Sew Liberated here: Strata Top PDF. If you have not worked with digital patterns before, they require printing on a home printer and taping the sheets together (usually 25-45 sheets of paper), or printing on large sheets at a copy shop for a per sheet cost. If you are using the digital version for the sew-along and need help, let us know.


    Once you have the pattern, read through the instruction booklet that comes with it. It is best practice to do this before you begin. You should also feel comfortable to write notes in the booklet if it helps you. If you are new to sewing, don't worry if some of the information does not make sense yet. 

    Pattern instruction reading exercise:  Find in the booklet 1) what height the pattern was drafted for (we will go over how to adjust this in the next steps), and 2) the seam allowance noted for the pattern (this is the distance from the edge of the pattern piece to your stitching line - we will go over this as well).


    Also, watch this 17 minute Sew Liberated Strata Top Sew Along on YouTube - an excellent resource from the designer/company that you will return to while working on the project. Again, don't worry if you do not understand or remember everything the first time through. 


    If you use Instagram search the tag #StrataTop to see many examples from those who have made it. This is a great way to see the finished garment in all types of fabrics, sizes, and styling.


    Coming next - taking your measurements and translating them to the pattern, as well as selecting fabric....