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A shop for the stitching arts in Bangor, Maine ~~~ Free shipping on orders $150 or more automatically applied

Classes & Events


Today is December 31 and as we say farewell to 2023 we look ahead to the new year. We have leased the units on the third floor (next to the shop) which will be dedicated space for workshops and classes! 

The 2024 class and workshop schedule is currently being updated 


Wednesdays = Mendsday

The mending event is changing to a weekly evening workshop format and will include instruction on various repair and embellishment techniques. 


Machine Sewing

Level 1: Learn to operate a sewing machine in this one hour class for beginners. Bring your own if you have one or use one in the shop. 


Foundations One Hour Workshops

Designed for the beginner but open to all levels.

Foundations: Garment Sewing Process
This workshop demystifies the garment sewing process and breaks down the steps involved. 
Foundations: Fabric
Learn about different fibers, weaves, drape, weight, how to select fabric for your sewing projects, and special considerations. Students will interact with a wide variety of textiles.
Foundations: Patterns & Fit
Learn how to translate measurements to pattern sizing, the basics on adjustments, read the pattern package, understand the terms and markings, managing a printed vs PDF version, and storage tips.


Skill Building Workshops

  • Fearless Buttons & Buttonholes
  • Pockets
  • Zippers



Introduction to Embroidery
Learn the tools and materials, design transfer methods, setup, and a variety of stitches. You will receive a set of tools and materials to keep. 2 hour workshop. 

Embroidery: Introduction to Stitch Journaling Use embroidery to create a stitch journal. This is a visual diary that could document just about anything from the weather to abstract designs to something more personal. It's a great way to establish a stitching practice and there are many creative possibilities for content and format. Materials provided. 2 hour workshop.


Hand Sewing

Introduction To Hand Sewing
Learn how to select the right needle and thread for your project, basic stitches with variations, make a basic button and buttonhole, sew a seam, and make a small project. All materials and tools provided. 2 hour workshop


Sew-Along Projects 

Each class is a four week series where we will sew up a pattern together. Beginners with a bit of confidence could do any of these classes but you must know how to use a sewing machine.

Ilford Jacket (by Friday Pattern Company)
This is a straightforward yet highly versatile pattern that has expansive size range XS to 7X and suits all gender expressions. It can be made in a wide range of fabric types from linen to flannel to canvas. Designed for a confident beginner and beyond, it has a simple construction but many options and details to choose from for variety and skill-building. 

Vest (Choose your own pattern)
Choose your own vest pattern! Whether from the shop or elsewhere, bring a vest pattern you would like to make.

Remy Raglan (by Sew House Seven) or Strata Top (by Sew Liberated)
Choose either of these basic shirt patterns! These are great for beginners but you'll find these are patterns you want to make again and again.


If you are a textile artist or maker and have a workshop you would like to teach, please contact us! We would love to host it so our community can learn from you. Please call (207) 217-1918, email, or DM through social media channels.